Sunday, May 18, 2008

Week 3 - Where you beeee?

Well not many updates on the moving situation. We've had a ton of traffic through the house (by my count approx 30ish) showings over the last three weeks but no solid bites yet. We had two open houses, one that was dampened by weather a bit, and the other did a bit better. We have traffic on weekends AND during the week - which is great, but means living in the house can be tough. You take 2 or more showings that aren't even back to back.. and before you know it you have to be out of your house from 10am until 3pm or later. That's rather annoying, but if it lands a prospect buyer then it's worth it. This Saturday I left on travel and it was the first weekend day we have not had a showing. Questions are already being raised internally about pricing, etc - but the feedback has not been around the price from the showings. That, and when you look at the housing going under contract during the same time period - its all higher priced product. The issue is, its all bigger homes too. Question is - do people want the size house we are selling? Only time will tell...

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