Thursday, May 29, 2008

If you build it - they will come - The Rebate Draw works

Mail in rebates are the ultimate 'coupon'. Designed to attract buyers, but intentionally made difficult to ensure a low return rate, reducing the actual discount the vendor gives. It got so bad, they really started to lose their value as people were just fed up with them. Well thank god some vendors realized happy customers will be repeat customers. They made rebates easier
  • places like best buy/CC automatically printing the rebates for at the register
  • Staples and others offering electronic submission (some even without any paperwork)
  • The idea of self-service, electronic tracking for rebates
These ideas have become more and more mainstream, making rebates more reliable and most importantly, less burdensome. In my last computer build, I intentionally steered towards products that were offering great prices with rebates. In fact, in one computer build alone, I had 5 rebates, along with another from just a few weeks ahead. Mailing in 6 rebates? What's my return? How much trouble? 1 electronic staples rebate 3 corsair mail-in rebates 1 antec mail-in rebate 1 coolermaster mail-in rebate The staples one came back first. 4 of the other 5 came within 3 days of each other, and the last just came today. These were mailed out the week of Feb 13th. So took awhile to get them, but not a single one required a call, resubmission, or any hassle. Total rebate? $250 Total Pain? 5 stamps and some handwritten envelopes Keep it up boys - make the rebates attractive and you'll get the business you want

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