Sunday, May 18, 2008

You know its thick when...

For those that didn't know.. May has been the month of rain for us. Check out a neighbor's weather station totals for May Over 5 inches of rain - virtually of which almost all came within one week. That means grass that normally needs cut every 7-10 takes goes APE. Plus, didn't help that the rain came at the END of our normal 7-10 day window. So it needs cut, and then we get 5+ days of rain. Doesn't lead to the best looking yard for showing the house! I finally got a dry day (though it had rained just the evening before) and I try to tackle the grass last Sunday. My mower is a mulching mower so you shouldn't get the thick clumps of grass. But if you want a good cut when its tall or thick, you still use about half width passes to get a nice uniform cut with no 'mohawks' as I call them where you get a line of grass that escapes cutting for one reason or another. Well this day.. the grass is approx 5+" in the tallest spots. I can't get away with half passes.. I even have to drop down to 1/3 width passes with the mower. On top of that, I STILL get the mohawks on almost every pass. This means not only did I have to make 3x as many passes as I normally do - I had to cut the entire yard AGAIN after I finished it the first time to get ride of the mohawks and to further chop up any clippings. Now that's some thick grass!

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