Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting close....

Sorry there wasn't much updates on the house. Week by week was pretty much the same over and over again. Getting lots of traffic, but the feedback was all the same 'didn't like the layout' - GRRR We had over 50 showings easily over the period, but not even a hint of an offer. Well finally after 48 days we called a pow-wow to plan our next move. Spending 3hrs reviewing the market - we had a battle plan ready. But we had 2 agents we needed to hear back from before executing, so we figured we would wait till the next day. Low and behold we find out later that night, that 2 of the 4 similar properties were off the market all of a sudden. One pulled out, and one was under contract. This is quite a bit of news - and turns out one of the agents is telling us their buyers are looking to write an offer... but with some significant terms. We tell them put it on paper and we'll take a look. The next day, major blow-up happens. Another agent says he needs to show again as her buyer is also interested... when it rains it pours! We end up showing 6 times that day if I recall. The day wraps up with two offers pending! The offers come in and we review and take our considerations. We end up picking the less complicated of the deals but want to counter back. The buyer accepts our counter of a higher price, settlement date, and rent back we wanted. So in less then 3 days we went from desert - to sweet Oasis. Tomorrow is the home inspection - which should be the last major hurdle. So hopefully by end of the week we should have a great view of the finish line for selling of this house! But - we are only rounding first base and have a ways to go yet till we get settled in a new place. So the adventure continues

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