Thursday, April 24, 2008

Milestone #1 - We have cleared the tower

Well - today was prime-time. We were set to have the house staged today and preparing should have been completed. Staci worked on cleaning and a housekeeper was coming today to give a house a final 'clean pass'. She came early and worked all day cranking through the place. I worked on some final touch-up paint.. two colors worth. Well, one intentional, the other forced when I started with the wrong color paint! Then just decided to use it while I had it out and touched up the color that makes up the lower stairs and middle level. Then I touched up going up the upper stairs and then put the paint away hopefully for good! There are still 2-3 small spaces that probably SHOULD be painted, but 'no mas' please! I then replaced a toilet seat and tried to replace some screws in a drawer unsuccessfully (why is it Home Depot always has the size smaller and larger then you need.. but not the one you need!!!). Then the relators came and started doing there thing. I just tried to stay out of the way - being complete worn out. End result? Place looks good, and we are cleared for launch. I think the listing goes out tomorrow or something. We even had one buyer come through tonight - our first. So now it's official I guess. Sunday is the first open house. Lets get ready to rummmble!

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