Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rushing for deadlines

Well, the thing about selling a house is.. you never know how long it will take yet you still have deadlines. The first deadline was to have the house ready for pictures and staging. That was meant to be Wednesday. Tuesday the carpet guys were to be here. That ended up being nearly an 11hr job while they ripped out ALL the carpet in the house and replaced. While that was happening, we were still churning trying to paint in areas the carpet guys were not. Some areas of the house still have the original flat paint - doesn't matter how well you kept it, it looks filthy after 9 years. So while the furniture was all moved, we were painting rooms in a rush. The entire master bedroom was painted while the carpet guys finished other rooms. It's so crazy, I've even forgotten what we have done! Moving furniture? Oh yeah, while the carpet guys would move stuff, some stuff you just want to do yourself and all small stuff you must move. So Monday night consisted of breaking down the entertainment center.. Saturday I broke down all the office gear and packed it away. Just think of everything that just sits in your house, on a table, on a shelf, whatever.. it all has to move. We slaved and made the carpet deadlines... but the very next day was to be the staging day. I continued to paint... including finishing areas we had patched and touched up. We were beat, so when Wednesday morning came, we had about half the rooms ready, but the others still had to be cleaned and emptied more.. so we got a reprieve for one day. So today I spent doing all the touch-up on doors, doorframes, and window sills. Cut the grass, cleaned one window that was up 2 stories I couldn't reach before.. and still had to run one of the kids to their horseback riding lesson. Oh, and of course undo all the moving that was done prior to carpet! That means rebuilding the office so we have internet and workstations.. and the entertainment center. Meanwhile Staci slaved and finished emptying other rooms and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. It's Wednesday night now, and we are real close. I've caved after cleaning up the garage, and still have one more color of touch up to do in the hallways, but that is going to have to wait. Staci is still cleaning the kitchen more and its almost 11pm. This is more back to back to back work then we've EVER done here or probably ever. All this, and the house isn't even on the market yet! Well - the sign post did come yesterday and there is a 'coming soon' sign out now.. so its getting real close!

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