Thursday, April 24, 2008

Browse the web the easy way

Ever wonder how those friends of yours always find those links to wild stories or other things.. and how they always seem to be on top of all the news? It's not through brute force surfing or through a vast email network of sources you don't - its simply using the simple tool of RSS. You've see those links on the pages, its built into your broswer, but it may still seem kind of funky to use. I used to put some of them on my Yahoo portal, but that isn't very effective for high volume sites. And I'm too lazy to actually click through dozens of bookmarks every day, its so much easier to just browse quickly and see if anything interests you. Well my friend 'Mr Linux' pointed me to a site that really brings the power of RSS to you in a SUPER simple format that I think any user can use. It's called bloglines and it's got me hooked. To see an example of what it does for you.. goto my public view of the feeds I watch. When its your own, it even shows you which are new, with different fonts, etc. Its simple and effective. I highly recommend trying it. The tip I leave you is to ignore the group stuff they try to start you with... I found it confusing to try to customize. It's better to grab the bookmark they provide for you and put it in your toolbar. Then when browsing a site you like, just click on the bookmark and it will automatically search the page for a feed and automatically add it to your bloglines page! It couldn't be easier! So then you just add the feeds from sites you normally may come across but don't visit every day. Then you'll have this easy browsing format. You'll be the news genius of your group of friends in no time!

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