Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm no longer homeless

Well it's been awhile between updates - Chaos and simply not wanting to relive it :) Even though we had basically a month between when we settled on the sale of our house, nothing of interest came up during that time. So quickly we had to commit to the temporary housing situation. I don't even want to relive the back and forths those weeks lead to, but eventually we were aimed at moving into the apartments in the southern half of our community. They had a three bedroom apartment, with garage. So that would be good yeah? Well, there is no parking essentially, so our three cars would have to be pruned down and we'd have to use the garage for a car, not storage.. And we'd need another self-storage unit to store what didn't fit in the apartment. casualty #2,454 - The Z car had to be shipped off to my father's house for keeping till we found a permanent place. So no toy car for awhile... Then we had the fun with Van Metre. Being lied to no less then 3 times by Van Metre about apartments climaxing where less then three days before we were to move in, them saying they had no apartment for us - even though we had already signed paperwork saying otherwise! The woman did some calls and ended up getting us into another set of apartments in the neighborhood which originally would not give us a short term lease like we wanted, but now they would. Smaller place, no garage, but we are getting desperate. Upon closer look, parking is amble (but Z is already gone..), and they do have garage units for rental. Sweet! So unlike Van Metre, within 24hrs, we had paperwork, commits, and shortly after keys! One problem though... it's on the 4th floor with only steps! Oi! So move day came without much issue. Cramming of packing before the day got all but about 3 car loads of 'loose' items ready to go. The silverlining turned out that while we had planned to put thing in the garage as storage (for things we may need) and put stuff in self-storage for 'off-site', no access storage - as we unloaded, it appeared we may be able to fit all our stuff in the single car garage. So we went for it, and the movers made a mountain in the garage, successfully unloading the full truck into the garage at the apartment! No more need for a larger storage unit. And most importantly, meaning, no more need to move all our stuff we've had in storage out, and into the new bigger storage unit (so we wouldn't be paying for two). A stop at the storage office ended in success as well, where basically we were able to reverse the storage 'upgrade' we had already ordered without penalty.. woohoo! So now we are totally out of our old place.. the last day was spent cleaning and removing absolutely everything. Monday the new owner moved in, and we continued to unload boxes, etc at the new place. It's ok so far.. 2 bedrooms+loft which we are using as a 3rd bedroom and playarea. Maybe I'll get some photos up later if I can ever find a camera :) Now if I could only get my deposit back from Van Metre.. grrrr

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