Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lego Wonders

lego_mfalcon I played with Legos a ton when a kid - and still love them. I have even tried to get my kids into them with some marginal success. Legos fanatics come up with some crazy builds. There are cool kits that blend your favorites such as Star Wars and Lego.. but the kits are big bucks for the big cool toys. Then of course the issue is where do you put them?? :) Then we have the extreme editions.. Did you have this Lego set as a kid like I did? The famous yellow Lego castle.. before Lego cheaped out and made most of the kits out of large pre-fab pieces Check out this project where they did.. uhh.. a supersized version of the kit :) Photo Gallery and Story at Gizmodo I think one of the most insane ones is this Aircraft Carrier. It's over 17ft long and the attention to detail is absurd. Check out the gallery at brickshelf. here are just some teasers legoairs_11 legoairs_10 Then you have the huge Star Wars kits everyone wishes they could have.. The M Falcon - $500 lego_mfalcon The Star Destroyer (now only $199!) lego_stardestroyer .. and now.. the Death Star! lego_deathstar Check out these videos of the unboxing and sorting of what one of these kits like these mean. Insane - Part I - Part II But some of the blogs have been following some of the Lego Conventions and other things that come up when Lego makes the news. Here are some clips/links of some crazy stuff. How about the Kennedy Space Center? Must See Video Or if Football is more your thing.. how about a stadium with 30,000 lego figures (minifigs) in it?? Insane
What about Stand-Up Comedy plus Lego? You get these great stop-animation using Lego to depict this sketch from Eddie Izzard about the Death Start Cantina What about Music Videos plus Lego?
There's even a whole site dedicated to the genre of stop animated Lego films - check 'em out

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