Monday, September 15, 2014

What if EPCOT were created today under Iger and today's fans...

If EPCOT Center were imagined today under the leadership of Bob Iger and today's WDI leaders listening to what today's fans wanted... what would they build?

They would build..  EPCOT Studios

The front half of the park would be Future World with some familar pavilions..

We enter the park under Spaceship Earth..
- Spaceship Earth - where we explore the galaxy learning about the planets from from our own space ranger BuZZZZ Lightyear!  You shoot aliens with your light guns as we fly through the galaxy

beyond Spaceship earth we enter.. Stark Expo!
- A permanent exposition of technology and products from all the world's richest corporations!

To the left, we approach the Universe of Energy
- In the Universe of Energy, we are guided through how the world relies on symbiotic relations by Master Yoda

Next, we have The World of Motion
- Ride with Lightning McQueen through the race track with your crew chief Mater!
- Don't forget to purchase all your Cars! merchandise

On the other side of Future World.. we start with The Living Seas
- Ride the EAC with Nemo and friends in your sea cab!
- Meet and interact with Crush the Turtle

Next, we have the The Land Pavilion
- Take a landspeeder tour through Tatooine and see how moisture farmers can feed a population on a desert planet!
- Eat lunch at the Mos Eisley Cantina if you dare!

Next we have the The Force Pavilion
- Come see were your imagination takes you as you build your lightsabers and get instructions from Jedi Master yoda himself!
- See what the force can do in live demonstrations!

Beyond Future World.. we have World Showcase where you can see various countries of the world all in one place!

The Up! South American Pavilion
 - Come ride in Carl’s house as you fly to Paradise Falls!  (reskinned star tours clone)
-  Meet Carl & Russell & Dug characters!
-  Take photos of Kevin in a plastic jungle set!

The Norway Pavilion
-  Ride with Kristoff and Anna trying to save Elsa in an fast paced sled ride!
-  Come join the Elsa in the sing-along
-  Meet Olaf the snowman!

The China Pavilion featuring Mulan!
-  View ancient armor that inspired Mulan!
-  Meet Mulan in your favorate character spot
-  View the Mulan film as you never have with stunning 360 images!

The German Pavilion
-  Join Indiana Jones as he tries to escape the Germans and Castle Brunwald   (no Nazis – can’t have that!)
-  There is a pinocchio and geppetto Meet & Greet – that is never staffed
-  Eat in the Beirgarten food court!

The Italian Pavilion
- Enjoy the ancient Greek ruins with Hades and Hercules!

The American Adventure
- See Captain America and the Avengers save the USA in the action packed Marvel stunt show spectacular!

Japan Pavilion
- Come eat Sushi in Disney’s high end signature sushi restaurant – Open only for Dinner and FP+ holders who book 200 days in advance

Morroco Pavilion
- Come ride the magic carpet with Aladdin!
- Enjoy pseudo-Moroccan food in the M&G Dinner featuring Jasmin and Jafar

France Pavilion
- Run through the kitchen with Remy in the 3d adventure
- Enjoy food court dining at Remy’s

United Kingdom
- Learn to shoot with Miridia in the virtual archery range!
- Explore the Scottish castle and eat lunch at the local pub

- Explore the wilderness in this wonderful circlevision film hosted by the cast of Brother Bear!

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