Sunday, December 12, 2010

My first foray into touchups

So I've gotten to the point with Flash Gordon the playfield is stripped, and trying to clean it up. But this game has got some typical wear and as I've gotten a few games under my belt now, I'm getting a bit more ambitious. This time I was trying to work on the PF in the cabinet, but that no longer was possible as I had to take the PF out of the cabinet because of the way the upper and lower PFs are connected, you can't take the sides off and still support the PF in the cabinet. Here's what the upper playfield looked like after cleaning a bit This is what it looked like before... Since this is up away from the player, I decided to try my hand at paint touchups for the first time. I'm not done here as I really need to lock the paint in with a clearcoat if I want it to last, but still debating that. It's a lot more permanent and a lot more involved. But here is a before touchups.. Here is an after I could not match the green well, but the red, yellow, and black went real well. The closeups in the gallery show how its not really that great.. but I'm not going for total restoration here, just decent looking. From the player's view, its pretty solid

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