Saturday, July 17, 2010

All Phones drop signal.. and other ways to avoid the topic

Steve Jobs favorite line... every phone drops signal when you hold it a certain way. Sure Mr Jobs, but is that spot right on 'every phone' right where it's natural to hold the phone like it is on your phone Mr Jobs? Funny you skip over that 'detail'.

Today's conference was a joke. Glad you are making steps to appease those who are financially affected - but shame on you for saying 'its not us' still again. Every boat has holes too Mr Jobs... but if you design a boat with a hole below the water line and the boat sinks.. you don't say 'well all boats have holes'. Where the 'hole' carries significance! Just like where your 'magic spot' that affects all phones has significance.

Apple needs to stop playing cute and just face the music. Today's conference was the closest we've ever seen (that I can recall) the company saying explictly 'we screwed up'. But instead they still blame everyone else (oh.. and physics too!) rather then face up to acknowledging they missed this.

Location has relevance Mr Jobs. Face up to it.

So now the question becomes is.. what is Sept 30th? Well that should be the end of Apple's fiscal year.. so it might just be accounting related - to cap this write off in this fiscal year.

I also like the defense about how its impossible for them to make enough bumpers... really so you can ramp up production on a high density consumer electronic... but you can't figure out how to outsource simple injection molding of a single piece device to ramp up production? Put it in a plastic bag, make one color, and make it by the millions. I'm sure you could find plenty of action in China willing to be your friend.

Apple's arrogance seems to shine through even when they are trying to concede..

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