Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chapter 2 Finally Complete - We have a house

Well, after yet a few more speed bumps last week with money transfers.. we finally approached settlement day. Staci - armed with a power of attorney letter since I was still in Spain - went to settlement and attempted to put this bad boy to bed. After yet a few more hurdles because the seller refused to pay for ANYTHING (including getting the mess of their own title sorted) Staci got the paperwork finished. So as last friday - we finally own a home again!

It took more then 6 months... from start to finish.. but this chapter is finally behind us. Up next, rushing this week to do as much to get the house ready before we move. Movers are scheduled for next Tuesday. Friday carpet comes.. Monday the fridge was delivered.. so now the next never ending chapter starts.. improving the house!

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