Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rush the bank!

Well, I was scheduled to travel to Oslo Monday afternoon. Sunday was busy, so I didn't get a chance to pack, so Monday would be a busy schedule of trying to get work done, and get ready for the trip.

We arise Monday AM to find an email from the Realtor - a previous listing is back on the market at an attractive price.

Turns out its a Fitzgerald model - my preferred model - that is bank owned and the last deal had fallen through, so it was back on the market. Given its very aggressive list price, 535k, we didn't expect it to last. So we immediately wrapped the family up and headed over to check it out.

Good lot, but still not a culdasac. Brick front, but no finished basement. So compared to the 'big house', its a bit smaller (due to no bump out), no finished basement, a bit beat up, but a better lot, better looking house, and a heck of a lot better price. The big house had potential roof/water issues - where this one just needs some TLC, carpet, etc. Check it out

That said.. we talked about it - and wrote a contract (above list) before even leaving the house. Now this one is a Bank owned - so yet again we have to deal with unpredictable times and commitments. Never mind I was to get on a plane in just a few hours for two weeks!

Well, we got our first bit of good news. The agent was able to forward our offer to the bank without waiting too long. Then on Thursday, we got the even better news that they basically accepted our terms, and we were expecting their addendums to the contract as possible as early as Friday! This means, in less then 5 day turnaround, we could have a ratified contract!

Well, we didn't get the paperwork on Friday, but we'll expect it Monday. If we get past that hurdle, the house should come off the market and we just need to get through inspection and the other contingencies. So, good news so far.. lets hope it keeps coming.

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