Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The offer.. the switch.. and then some

Well.. we popped our cherry. Since our last update, we did decide to place an offer on the 'space' house rather then the 'bragging rights' house. Bragging is under contract now.. a few days after we walked away. On 'space' we knew it was really just a stab in the dark. The house's history on the market was shady, and it was a short-sale on top of that. We put in an offer, the agent came back to ensure that was 'our best offer' and then the home owners were supposedly going to send everything to the bank on that Monday. I believe this was a Thursday.. Well, the writing was on the wall when we viewed the house and they were moving items INTO the house. We got a call a few days later they had taken the house off the market. Presumably to move back in (they had two houses in short sale and managed to sell their bigger one first). That closed our chapter.. but we were ready for disappointment so not a big set back. Bragging rights house was already under contract, and we had mentally moved past it already... so we were back to being idle. More to come soon!

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