Saturday, May 3, 2008

Status of Week 1

Well, its been a week, what's happening? The first Saturday we were on the market lead to a few showings. The Open House was dampened a bit by a rainy day, but all total we probably had 6-7 showings for the first weekend. Since then we've had another 3-4, plus 2 today alone. I figure that puts us in the 12+ range for the first week. Not bad - but no serious takers yet. Sitting here writing this I've seen two two people stop their cars and grab a pamphlet from the front yard. Tomorrow is the second open house, and weather should be nicer this time then last, plus there has been more time to advertise... so here's hoping tomorrow gets real traffic. We've done a pretty good job of keeping the house 'near ready' all the time. Probably the only thing we need to do is dust, as we have a pretty regular routine now to keep the litter box clean, rooms picked up, etc. So pretty boring in that respect. Here's hoping tomorrow is a money day :)

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