Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finally Wrapped up Pin upgrades

Well I finally got off my butt and finished up my pin repairs and upgrades today. Twilight Zone had been suffering from the channel that holds the top of the playfield glass being broken. Closer inspection upon removal showed that the wood blocks it screws into were actually splitting as well. So about a month ago, I ripped out the original blocks, and cut new ones from some scrap wood I had, installed the blocks and ordered a replacement channel. Well, installing those blocks was the biggest PITA! I screwed the blocks into the cabinet to keep them secure (along with glue). But the screws are put in from below and screw upwards. There is no way to get in to screw them, so you are basically holding your screwdriver upside down and trying to screw up rather then down. OMG - between the slotted heads and the cabinet wood that was acting like it was concrete.. by the time I screwed the blocks in I wanted nothing to do with the thing. In the mean time, I installed some new mods/upgrades as well. I've had the marbles in my Gumball machine for awhile, but the light mods for the Gumball machine have gotten more mature. I installed one from Pinbits, using their warm white LED as I still have an original incandecent lit clock in my TZ. The kit was great, required some minimal soldering (I suck) but looks great. The red light blinks when the gumball machine is lit. It turned out pretty good IMG_3357 I also installed the Cliffy Protector for the slot machine hole. Mine has been fine, but I figured its a easy protective measure. Install was a bit harder then expected, in that you had to remove the ramp to get the components up to install the protector under. I thought it was going to just be a slide it in type deal.. no worries, just more then expected. On the protective front, I also installed a set of plastic protectors from Pinbits as well. These install under your plastics to prevent breaks from ball hits. They are visible on the game, but not distracting. Another investment protection move :) Here's a view of a slingshot with them installed IMG_3356 If you've gotten this far and still are thinking... WTF is he talking about. Here's a photo of my two babies. IMG_3359 Now just to find the switch problem that has been haunting my Lord of the Rings.. till next time!

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