Sunday, January 27, 2008

I finally enter the 1990s

Well, after years of head in the sand -I've finally decided to try to keep a web presence via a blog. I've never been a fan of posting everything and anything online, but what really has been powerful on the web since the emmergence of search engines with such powerful relevance hits like Google is the power to find someone who has experienced the same thing as you. A common joke is 'The best developer we have is Google'. Now when someone experiences an error - they don't open Microsoft's site, or their MSDN CDs - they type the error into Google. And more often then not - you find your answer. It's simply amazing how much work is done and time is saved by these search engines. And the key is, it's not the search engines making the answers, but users contributing their experiences online. Now the search engines make these experiences so easy to find. After years of mooching - I've decided its my turn to try to contribute to the collective as well. So this blog will hopefully be a home base for me to share experiences, neat things found around the web, and probably an occassional rant thrown in as well. Hopefully I'll figure out this UI so I can setup catagories so you can view or hide what you are interested in. Thanks for stopping by!

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